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A collection of miscellaneous thoughts and whatnots.

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I’m a Portland, Oregon based software engineer and leader passionate about building great engineering teams with a focus on autonomy and accountability. I’m currently employed at Nike as a Senior Engineering Manager in the Marketing Technology org, leading a number of teams focused on building out the Nike Communications Platform. Prior to that, I was responsible for leading the development of the Nike Activity Platform. If you’ve used the Nike Run Club or Nike Training Club apps, the systems managing that data were built by the team I helped lead.

I’m also the host of the Nike Tech Talks, a highly successful series of events showcasing world class subject matter experts from across the industry, an internal evangelist for and organizer of our open-source program, and an advocate for building strong and healthy engineering cultures.

At various times I have been:

I have more books than I know what to do with and not enough time to read them all. Which is how it should be. I adore dogs, especially my own, and I love watching movies and binging on great TV shows with my wife.